A victim of severe shin splints from overrunning, the doctor told me to relax for six months. So when it came time to get back in the gym, I noticed as I ran, between the wire to my headphones flapping backing and fourth and me hitting the wire with my hands, my earphones kept falling out. So I got to thinking of what I could do or buy to fix the problem:

Already Existing Products/ideas:

  1. Bluetooth- too much money for good quality 
  2. The earphones with the piece that goes around your ear- they are irritating
  3. Passing the wire through my shirt- causes my sweat to deteriorate at the wire
  4. Retractable wire devices that are solely applicable to the one wire provided within it: 
  • Quality of earphones is minimal 
  • No secure lock to hold the earphones at a particular length
  • Device is not durable
  • Commonly do not come with a clip to attach the device to your shirt to prevent flapping
  • User cannot detach the device from a wire and reapply it to a new one
  • The device causes the user to add to their belongings instead of help to organize them

So as a whole, all of these “solutions” are not solutions at all, merely false claims

Then, the following week, I was cooking on an in-home electric grill and I smelled something that wasn't my chicken. Sure enough I saw the wire of the blender was melting because it was laying on the in-home electric grill. So not only are wires an eye soar and a pain to deal with, but also a danger to the home and even to your wallet.